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Spider Curl Bench- Build Bicep Peak and Strength!
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Spider Curl Bench
Build Bicep Peak and Strength!


Spider Curl Bench


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The cross-shaped Spider Curl Bench is absolutely vital to only two types of people: (1) arm wrestlers; and (2) people who want large, peaked biceps (a nice side-effect of training with the Spider Curl Bench).

Why is it so important to arm wrestlers? It's simple. The Spider Curl Bench is absolutely outstanding at building the type of bicep strength that you as an arm wrestler need when your elbow is away from your body as so often happens durinig a match. Take a look at the picture below and notice how the wrestler's elbow and arm are away from his body, almost at a 90-degree angle.

With your arm away from your body in this position, the brachialis (a muscle that lies beneath the biceps and can become extremely powerful when trained) is activated. Traditional bicep exercises, such as barbell, dumbbell, or hammer curls, do very little to activate and train the brachialis. The Spider Curl, however, hits your brachialis hard and will not only make you a much better and stronger arm wrestler but will also add peak to your biceps. How does this happen? Simple. The brachialis muscle is underneath your biceps. As you train the brachialis and it becomes bigger, it pushes your bicep up - creating more peak and a more impressive, larger arm.

How Do You Use the Spider Curl Bench?
The Spider Curl Bench is sort of "funny" looking, and it is probably not obvious to you how you would use it. You can perform many exercises on it, but all involve putting your chest on the cross-shaped bench and hanging your arms over the cross so that the back of your arm (the tricep area) is supported by the arm pad. From this position, you can do curls of all sorts (as featured in our Exercise section below), and it will work the brachialis muscle in ways that it is physically impossible to do with normal curls. The brachialis, rather than the bicep, is responsible for supplying the "power" in several arm wrestling moves, such as the toproll or whenever your upper arm is not pressed against your body.

Why is the Spider Curl Bench Shaped Like a Cross?
Have you ever done curls on a poorly designed preacher curl and felt the bench digging into your chest? This can also happen with a poorly designed Spider Curl Bench. Our Spider Curl Bench is cross-shaped so that you can concentrate on your brachialis, without the bench itself digging into your chest due to the heavy weight you are using. In other words, the cross shape spreads the weight of the barbell out over your upper chest (right below the clavicle down to the nipple line) , your lower chest, and your stomach and hips.

Especially important to reducing the strain on your chest is the Upper Chest Pad pictured above. While it might not look like much, it helps greatly to spread the weight out and makes the exercise extremely comfortable. Just as the Lower Chest Pad spreads out your weight horizontally, the Upper Chest Pad spreads your weight vertically. With this key design improvement, you won't even notice any chest pressure and will instead be able to devote your full attention to your biceps.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding a lot more information about all of the benefits that the Spider Curl Bench can have on your bicep training. Stay tuned.


Spider Curl Bench Exercises

We've got lots of content on Spider Curl exercises coming soon! In the mean time, you can view a Quicktime video of one armwrestling-specific exercise that you can do on a Spider Curl Bench. To watch the video, simply click on the picture below.

Spider Curl Bench

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